Practitioner Profiles

Dr Jadwiga Leigh (Director and Programme Lead)

Jadwiga is currently a senior lecturer on the Social Work programme at Lancaster University. She became passionate about giving parents the opportunity to turn their lives around when she was a social worker. She noticed that as a practitioner she expected parents to meet outcomes that satisfied plans which did not take into consideration parents own life experiences and understanding. The plans she created were not necessarily designed to give parents the support they needed because the intensive support they required was simply not available. In 2013, Jadwiga completed her doctoral research which compared the Flemish way of social work practice with her own. It was during this research that she stumbled across ‘Stobbe’- a residential unit which supported parents in an innovative and creative way. It was this experience which inspired her to return to England and develop a similar project but within the community. 



Michelle Castle (Counsellor)

Michelle is a qualified psychotherapist with experience working with children and adults. She has a pluralistic and creative approach whilst remaining true to her Person Centred roots, creating a warm, open and nurturing environment and supporting her clients however they choose to express their feelings and emotions. All of her work is client led, both in pace and content. She strives to work collaboratively with her clients and build a strong therapeutic relationship and to provide bespoke therapy experience. For more information, please contact her on:


Zari Love (Energy Healer) 

Zari is a holistic therapist, bodyworker and energy healer. She has been working in the wellness industry for over 12 years and works across the globe with a variety of modalities such as breathwork, energy healing, trauma release practices, meditation, hypnotherapy, EFT and spirituality. She is also working with women in sexual healing and empowerment processes. Her work is invitation to release and heal the past, reconnect back to the body, and open to more forgiveness and self love: For more information see: 


Alison Taylor (Holistic Therapist)

Alison offers a wide range of treatments including Reflexology (AOR), Aromatherapy, Remedial & Sports massage, Reiki and many more. She qualified in 2000 and has continued with her professional development since, including going to Thailand to learn Thai foot massage. Complimentary Therapies are invaluable for targeting stress and improving health. Treatments may be used individually or combined for maximum benefit. A bespoke approach is taken to help improve your overall wellbeing. This usually includes a special blend of essential oils tailored to suit your needs.
In addition to treatments she makes a range of aromatherapy products and offers nutritional and supplement advise.
If you require any information on which treatment is most suitable for you, or you would like any advice please do not hesitate in getting in touch.



Rod Kippen (Artist) 


Rod has worked with vulnerable children, young people and adults throughout his 20 year career, working in various settings from Residential Work, Youth Offending Services, (Appropriate Adult, one to one Intensive Support) and in his recent role as Children’s Rights Advocate and programme lead at RECLAIM. He is dedicated to ensuring people are listened to, understood and that their views are taken seriously. He believes in working creatively with people to help them express themselves and their experiences. He uses creative methods to help them express their feelings and create meaning from their experiences. He believes all services in place for people should be built around the individual human experience and not be process led. He is a practising exhibited artist and undertakes community arts work with a range of service users. He uses photography, narrative and journal methods in my community arts work. He has skills in photography, sculpture, painting, journaling, filming and editing. 


Kat Farmer (Volunteer caseworker) 

Kat is currently training to be a social worker and has worked with children and families for the last five years. Her background is in youth work and she has also worked in respite care, focusing her work with children who have experienced trauma and how connecting with nature can offer support. Kat is excited to be volunteering for New Beginnings, with its focus on supporting families and helping parents to create and rely on their support network of other parents.