Face the Feeling:

Exhibition of the art work produced by New Beginning’s participants.

New Beginnings works holistically with families who are known to Children’s Social Care. The project supports parents who have experienced episodes of abuse and trauma at some point in their lives.Art sessions are part of the 24-week programme that the group attend. 


The first group to have completed the programme with New Beginnings were all women. The art sessions provided them with an opportunity to experience what art can do. For example, exploring feelings…. and reactions to those feelings; building strength and resilience and making the internal, the external. The project also offered the women the time and space to be with others, so that they could support one another and together make a body of work that reflects the journey they have taken. At the end of the programme, the women had the opportunity to go on to be Peer Mentors or Volunteers, which they did, and now they work with a new group of parents who have joined the project.  

The multiple ways in which the art sessions were used with the first group of women on the New Beginnings project is reflected in a range of work which will be exhibited at the People’s History Museum, Manchester, from Friday April 12th to Sunday July 14th: from small reflective pieces, to powerful individual works of art- all of which reflect their experiences about both their strengths, as individuals and a group, in the face of adversity.

The theme of this exhibition is ‘Shields’ which was developed early on in the group by the women as a statement of both protection but also strength. Interesting
ly, their favourite mantra, that they always referred to whenever they needed to, was: “You’ve got to feel it to heal it”. These words formed the heart of their exhibition: Face the Feeling. 

People's History Museum, Manchester, Left Bank, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3ER


This project has been funded by Forever Manchester. www.forevermanchester.com