Professional Supervision in Social Work


One of the key ingredients to good social work practice is supervision. At New Beginnings Consulting we take supervision very seriously but in addition, Dr Jadwiga Leigh, can provide a bespoke service to outside agencies to support supervision needs for staff who do not have a social worker on site. 


Whether you are an individual who is struggling with your current arrangements for supervision or an organisation that wishes to outsource supervision Jadwiga can provide the a service that can be designed to meet your needs. Jadwiga recognises that supervision is not a job to de done or a set of techniques to be played with. Rather, supervision is about meeting otherness with compassion and care. Supervisees will enjoy a journey of self reflection that will help them explore their practice, interactions and relationships. 


Supervision will take place virtually and supervisees will receive a written copy of supervision notes and that can be used as evidence for professional registration.


If you are an organisation which requires supervision for more than one practitioner, Jadwiga can facilitate 1:1 supervision and also group supervision if required.


Off site Practice Education for Social Work


Jadwiga Leigh is a Practice Educator Level 2 and can act as an off site practice educator for students who do not have an appropriately experienced social worker on their placement site. 


Practice Educators are responsible for providing a range of appropriate learning opportunities for the student; for supervision, teaching, support, advice and guidance; and for the holistic assessment of the student’s capabilities using the appropriate level Professional Capability Framework.


As a lecturer, Jadwiga is experienced in assessing students, and seeking evidence of the integration of skills, theory, ethics, values in students’ practice. 


Jadwiga is registered with Social Work England and is familiar with what is required from students in terms of the Professional Capability Frameworks, Professional Standards and Knowledge Skills Statements for both children and adult sector.