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Disguised compliance or undisguised nonsense? Two years on from the original Twitter debate, are the

In 2017, Paul Hart, a family law barrister, wrote an article for the Family Law website entitled ‘Disguised compliance or undisguised nonsense?’ It was an article which led to a huge debate on Twitter which we, the authors, captured by turning into a storify. It took two years (!) but we have finally managed to turn that storify into an article which has just been published with Families, Relationships and Societies. For those who want the shortened version of the article, here is the blog that accompanies it. When Hart published his online piece, it was clear he was troubled by two things. First, although the term disguised compliance was being applied to the concept of parental resistance,

Sylvia’s Story: The importance of standing still

Written by Jadwiga Leigh, Sam (social worker) and Sylvia (parent) In October of last year, I wrote my first blog for New Beginnings called Being Ready: How do we know when parents are ready to work with us?I wrote it because I wanted to explore what ‘being ready’ meant, what it looked like and why I’d heard it being used so often by both professionals and parents. More recently I’ve noticed that whenever professionals use the term ‘being ready’, it’s not long before it is followed by its loyal partner: ‘moving forwards’. ‘Being ready’ and ‘moving forwards’ are two terms which seem to underpin the way we work with children and families because I think they epitomise what is important for us w