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The end? Or just the beginning?

Last week, we attended our first conference. The Make Research Count conference organised by Ian Cummins and Helen Scholar from Salford University. This was going to be the first time we all went together to an event like this, the women and me and Leanne...and the first time we'd get to speak and tell people in person what New Beginnings was all about. When Ian contacted me a few months earlier to explain that Andy Bilson and David Tobis would be presenting and would we, New Beginnings, like to present too- I was made up. The invitation came at a time when it felt like we were building good strong relationships with the women- they were finding their voices and also learning that their voic

What the supervisory relationship means to me

For six months, I’ve been working with New Beginnings in the capacity of co facilitator. The Programme Director, Jadwiga Leigh, is the driving force behind the programme and she is also my supervisor. I appreciate and feel enormously privileged to have been welcomed onto the team and to work so closely with Jad and our social care colleagues in the way we do. My role on the programme is to work closely with Jad in the delivery of the trauma informed group sessions, facilitate the family activities, and provide support to the women and the families we work with. One of Jad’s many strengths is the knowledge she brings with regards to culture and the impact this has on our identity. I’ve come t

Silent Tears

I mentioned in the last blog 'Why don't you just leave him?' that we have been using narrative writing workshops during our New Beginnings sessions to explore the past, the present and the future with the women who are on the programme. Each week, as we cover different subjects, I ask the women a question that they begin to talk about together, then go home and think about a little more (sometimes with Leanne) and then write about. They can then bring their story in with them for the next session. If the women want to, they can share their story with the group but if they don't want to, they don't need to. It can remain private or stay with them until a later date. The point is, it is entire